Media Links 2008

Four more arrests in vani case (Dawn News 22 Dec 2008)

Vani case: lacunae hit law (PPF 19 Dec 2008)

Family in trouble as girls defy jirga verdict (Dawn News 29 Nov 2008)

Women call for abolition of Jirga system (PPF 26 Nov 2008)

Iftikhar defends judicial activism (Dawn News 26 Nov 2008)

Three women refuse to accept jirga verdict (Dawn News 19 Nov 2008)

New Pakistan ministers hold violent, anti-women sentiments ( 12 Nov 2008)

‘Anti-women’ cabinet riles Pakistan activists (The 12 Nov 2008)

Police’s timely action saves vani girl (Dawn News 14 Oct 2008)

Enforcement of anti-Swara laws in FATA, PATA demanded ( 05 Oct 2008)

Minor girl saved from being ‘Vani’ (Dawn News 30 Jul 2008)

Peshawar surpasses other districts, says report (The News International 12 Jul 2008)

Swat court orders arrest of five accused in swara cases (Daily Times 22 June 2008)

Plagued Mindset screened (The Nation 10 Jun 2008)

HR activists demand action against ‘jirga’ elders (The News International 10 Jun 2008)

Daughters bear the cost of Pakistan’s family feuds 10 June 2008

In Pakistan, Child Brides Delivered as Peace Offering ( 09 June 2008)

Young Pakistani girls traded as settlement in tribal feud (McClatchy Newspapers 08 Jun 2008)

Jirga gives minor girl in wedding to settle dispute ( 05 Jun 2008)

15 young girls traded for a dead dog in Pakistan ( 04 Jun 2008)

Under-age girl married off under jirga verdict (Dawn News 01 Jun 2008)

Police make kidnap a Vani case (Dawn News 07 May 2008)

Innocent sisters pay price for father’s debt (Dawn News 03 May 2008)

Vani, is it just another court case (Dawn News 07 Apr 2008)

Panchayat visits villager’s sins on his niece (Dawn News 04 Apr 2008)

Pakistani fights choice Lose your wife or 3 nieces ( 08 Mar 2008)