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Anthropological activism in Pakistan with lullabies 


Daughters bear the cost of Pakistan’s family feuds

Twin cities mark Int’l Women’s Day 

National Commission on the Status of Women

What We Do

Panelists Suggest Cultural Solutions In Pakistan 


Samar Minallah Khan – Pashtun Crusader with a Camera

Festival of Cinema for Change – Addressing Violence Against Women

Culturally-Based Approaches to Peacebuilding in Pakistan

Women’s day special: Pakistan 

Swara: The Horrors Of Marrying Off Young Girls In Pakistan To

Older Men To Settle Debts And Disputes

Rise and Fall of Pakistani Cinema 

In Pakistan, ancient and modern justice collide 

17 booked for giving minor girl in vani  

A Lullaby for you, my daughter

Video song on importance of girl education being launched 

Being Malala Yousafzai’s Dad

Taliban Gun Down Girl Who Spoke Up for Rights

The Other Girls on the Bus: How Malala’s Classmates Are Carrying On

New UN plan to get girls in school boosted by Malala’s father

Malala’s Forgotten Sisters

A Threat to Honour

Activists, legal experts lament Pakistani girls still pawns in inter-family feuds

Bartering Innocence For Honour

Biased unbiased The parallel justice system in rural Pakistan  a close scrutiny

Bride for Sale

Civil society demands end to jirgas role in deciding cases

Civil society urges CJ to constitute larger bench

Cleric among six held in Mansehra vani case

Court intervenes  Police registers FIR against 59 people for holding jirga

Documentary fills audience with the colour of hope

Even if I am unable to make a living I will not let my wife work

Film festival FiLums 2011 promises to be bigger and better

Filmmaker by cause

FiLUMS 2012  driving a cinematic revival

International Womens Day The clause less talked about

Jirga justice Widow gang raped on orders of Muzaffargarh panchayat

Pakistan working for Womens empowerment Sherry

Pakistani court sends six to jail for practising Swara

Pashtun Personality of the Week Samar Minallah Khan the Crusader with a Camera

Powerful or Powerless

Profile Documentary Filmmaker Samar Minallah Khan

Shatter dreams Robbing childhoods and calling it charity

Tribal decisions SC declares jirgas unconstitutional

Unheard voices of child domestic servants 

Pakistan works to prevent compensation marriage and other forms of violence against women

Interview with Valerie Khan Yusufzai, Chairperson of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan

Documentaries make social change happen

Women of Substance (Motherhood)

Wazir Bacha The Silver Lining

Activists discuss role of women in securing peace in South Asia

Alternative Media In Pakistan PDF

Childrens Literature Festival Schooling away from schools

Human Security Roundtable Comparing Terms & Institutionalization

Internally Displaced People

Judiciary as a catalyst for social change

Lauding the battle hardy women of Pakistan

Peace unattainable without inclusion of women

Spreading social awareness through documentaries

The battle for survival of civilization Malala Yousafzai

The education Way to school is way to go

Thousands throng Islamabad Literature Festival

Land of a thousand colours highlights healing power of culture

Police ordered to stop vani swara cases

Samar Minallah Khan Global leadership Awards

Vital Voices Global Partnership honors female leaders

Documentaries make social change happen 

Resource Kit on Promoting Culture of Peace through Cultural Heritage

SAARC workshop Spreading social awareness through documentaries

Women Who Rock the World Activists Gather for Vital Voices Awards

Zarsanga  Voice Behind the Veil  Samar Minallah

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Events CalendarSpeaking in Gods Name Re examining Gender in Islam

Samar Minallah Debuts New Documentary Land of a Thousand Colors

Samar Minallah Khan

Guest Speakers List

Human Rights vs Cultural Rights 

Samar Minallah Khan Program Advisor

Ethiopian Descent student Beemnet Kebede wins grant to help fellow immigrants

Afzal Khan Lala says Swati girl was flogged publicly

Dear Samar Minallah

Abolishing Sang Chatti Pakistan works to prevent compensation marriage and other forms of violence against women

Ancient modern justice runs parallel in Pakistan

We Need More Outrage Against Vani in Pakistan

Cinema for Change  Addressing Violence Against Women

DEATH PENALTY Swara Killings in Pakistan Continue

How justice works in Pakistans tribal areas and beyond

Supremecourt HR Cases

 Samar Minallah premiers The Dark Side of Migration

From the Book Quotes from Women Leading Change

Samar Minallah Khan Shaista Mahmood Alyse Nelson Vital Voices Book Party

Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards 2012

Women Honored as Defenders of Democracy Human Rights

Women Who Rock the World Activists Gather for Vital Voices Awards by Abigail Pesta

Malala Day Paying tribute to teen icon

The battle for survival of civilization Malala Yousafzai


Web Gallery students fieldwork in Pakistan 2010

Women, we love you!

Swara—a bridge over troubled waters

Study Report Child Marriage in Pakistan 

Toolkit Compensation Marriages Posters

Challenging convention one frame

A thankless job Domestic helpers denied basic rights

In the nick of time Girl rescued from being given into swara

Rape Victim Finds Supporters Abroad, But Not In Pakistan’s Courtrooms

Swara Swats child brides married off for honour

In village Sarbanda Matta Swat jirga members have been arrested for forcing two minor girls into Swara marriage

Honour killing Husband guns down wife for filing divorce papers

Swara case Police arrest jirga members for child marriage

Another swara case Two arrested for ordering six year old girls marriage

Pakistani court sends six to jail for practising Swara

Cleric among six held in Mansehra vani case

Even if I’m unable to make a living I will not let my wife work

The Pakistani servant girl tortured to death

Documentary screening There is a way out of forced marriages says activist

Documenting child domestic helpers and their big dreams

Speak up, get shot Killing of rights defender condemned

Documentary workshop Media students urged to highlight social issues (The Express Tribune 01-12-2014)

Swara case Jirga members arrested for forcing child to marry (The Express Tribune 04-12-2014)

Nine arrested in swara case (Dawn News 05-12-2014)