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Vani case,Police foiled an attempt to act upon punchayat orders (South Punjab News 22 Dec 2012)

The Other Girls on the Bus: How Malala’s Classmates Are Carrying On (Time 19 Dec 2012)

SAARC workshop Spreading social awareness through documentaries (The Express Tribune 18 Dec 2012)

Swara case Police arrest jirga members for child marriage (The Express Tribune 15 Dec 2012)

New UN plan to get girls in school boosted by Malala’s father ( 10 Dec 2012)

Stop giving girls in marriage to settle rows Pakistani daily ( 29 Nov 2012)

Two jirgas decide fate of four girls (Dawn News 27 Nov 2012)

Daily Express 11 November 2012

Peace unattainable without inclusion of women (The Express Tribune 10 Nov 2012)

In Pakistan, More Arrests In Marriage Case Involving 6-Year-Old Girl ( 09 Nov 2012)

Last-Minute Reprieve For Pakistani Child Bride ( 09 Nov 2012)

Women Who Rock the World Activists Gather for Vital Voices Awards by Abigail Pesta (Shaza 171 blog 09 Nov 2012)

Another swara case Two arrested for ordering six year old girls marriage (The Express Tribune 08 Nov 2012)

Swat Jirga Forces Family To Marry Off 6-Year-Old Girl To Settle Feud ( 07 Nov 2012)

Ethiopian Descent student Beemnet Kebede wins grant to help fellow immigrants (Sheger Tribune Nov 2012)

Child brides blot tribal Pakistan ( 24 Oct 2012)

Documentary screening There is a way out of forced marriages says activist  (The Express Tribune 12 Oct 2012)

SC rejects govt plea to quash ‘Vani’ case (The News International 12 Oct 2012)

Vani case SC orders jirga elders, girls to be produced on November 19 (The express Tribune 11 Oct 2012)

Supreme Court takes suo motu notice of Dera Bugti incident (News Pakistan 09 Oct 2012)

Tribal feud: SC takes notice of Vani incident (The Express Tribune 10 Oct 2012)

SC takes suo motu notice of Dera Bugti Wani incident (Lahore Times 09 Oct 2012)

Dera Bugti jirga: 13 girls bartered to settle tribal feud (The Express Tribune 09 Oct 2012)

Taliban Gun Down Girl Who Spoke Up for Rights (The New York Times 09 Oct 2012)

Jirga declares 13 girls vani in Dera Bugti (The Express Tribune 08 Oct 2012)

Retaliation of killing: 13 girls declared Vani in Balochistan ( 08 Oct2012)

Outdated custom One abducted, eight held in separate vani cases (The Express Tribune 05 Oct 2012)

Cleric among six held in Mansehra vani case (Dawn News 04 Oct 2012)

Swara case: 10 jirga members granted bail (The Express Tribune 23 Sep 2012)

The curse of swara (The Express Tribune 18 Sep 2012)

The battle for survival of civilization Malala Yousafzai ( 15 sep 2012)

Swara case Four-member inquiry committee formed (Pakistan News Today 12 Sep 2012)

Swara Case in Swat Puts Girl’s Life at Stake ( 11 Sep 2012)

Swara case Ten jirga members arrested (Pakistan News Today 10 Sep 2012)

Say ‘no’ to uncivilised practices (The Express Tribune 10 Sep 2012)

Rights activists urge KP govt to interfere in Swat swara case (The News International 10 Sep 2012)

Swara case Police directed to take action against jirga members (Pakistan News Today 09 Sep 2012)

Jirga’s verdict Another teenage girl may fall victim to swara (The Express Tribune 08 Sep 2012)

Panelists Suggest Cultural Solutions In Pakistan (Washington Report Sep 2012)

Uprooting culturally sanctioned forms of violence Samar Minallah sees hope (The News International 09 Aug 2012)

Jirga (in)justice Eleven jailed for vani marriage (The Express Tribune 18 July 2012)

Women Who Rock the World Activists Gather for Vital Voices Awards (The Daily Best 06 July 2012) 

PAKISTAN Enslaved by tradition.(IRIN 05 Jul 2012)

Jirga (in)justice: Protection ordered for child ‘declared vani’ (The Express Tribune 29 June 2012)

Banned custom: Seven held for declaring underage girl vani (The Express Tribune 16 Jun 2012)

Tribal elders, scholars, activists declare Swara un-Islamic ( 14 Jun 2012)

Culturally-Based Approaches to Peacebuilding in Pakistan 12 June 2012

Pakistan working for Womens empowerment Sherry (Dawn News 09 Jun 2012)

Pakistani Films for Social Change  a conversation with Pakistani filmmaker and human rights activist Samar Minallah 06 Jun 2012

Vital Voices Global Partnership honors female leaders (The Washington Post 05 Jun 2012)

From the Book Quotes from Women Leading Change (05 Jun 2012)

Samar Minallah Khan Shaista Mahmood Alyse Nelson Vital Voices Book Party (05 Jun 2012)

Two people’s legs broken for refusing to honour vani decree (The Express Tribune 02 Jun 2012)

Human Security Roundtable Comparing Terms & Institutionalization

SC orders Punjab IGP to investigate vani case in Bhakkar (Pakistan Today 08 May 2012)

SC orders Punjab IG to investigate case of Wani victim (The News International 08 May 2012)

Five indicted in Dir swara case (Dawn News 05 May 2012)

Jirga illegal, SC seeks details from center, provinces (Dateline Islamabad 28 Mar 2012)

CJP reminds police they aren’t living in Stone Age (The News International 28 Mar 2012)

Government officials asked to take action against crimes committed through jirgas (Business Recorder 28 Mar 2012)

‘Jirgas’ unconstitutional, says Pakistan Supreme Court (Andhra 28 Mar 2012)

Police ordered to stop vani swara cases (The Nation 28 Mar 2012)

Bartering women: Apex court declares ‘jirgas’ unconstitutional (The Express Tribune 28 Mar 2012)

Tribal decisions SC declares jirgas unconstitutional (The Express Tribune 27 Mar 2012)

Superior courts focus on helping swara, vani victims (Dawn News 25 Mar 2012)

Documenting child domestic helpers and their big dreams (The Express Tribune 21 Mar 2012)

PHC directs govt to enact strict laws to end Swara (The News International 20 Mar 2012)

Illegal custom Defying jirga, man refuses to give daughter as vani (The Express Tribune 20 Mar 2012)

Court wants govt to enact special law on swara (Dawn News 19 Mar 2012)

Ready to document 18 Mar 2012

Fighting for women’s rights: Supreme Court urged to declare jirga systems illegal (The Express Tribune 17 Mar 2012)

Two girls saved from Vani (Dawn News 16 Mar 2012)

Exchanging brides Ill-fated sisters aged two and nine declared wani (The Express Tribune 15 Mar 2012)

Panchayat declares two minors ‘wani’ in Punjab (The Express Tribune 14 Mar 2012)

Women, we love you! (Pakistan Today 09 Mar 2012)

International Womens Day The clause less talked about (The Express Tribune 08 Mar 2012)

Underage marriage Fathers of ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ arrested from ceremony (The Express Tribune 07 Mar 2012)

Documentaries make social change happen (Dawn News 03 Mar 2012)

After losing father and brother, four-year-old Asma becomes target (The News International 02 Mar 2012)

Interview with Valerie Khan Yusufzai, Chairperson of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan YKA Mar 2012)

FiLUMS 2012  driving a cinematic revival (Pakistan Today 26 Feb 2012)

Jirga settles murder dispute ( 17 Feb 2012)

Civil society demands end to jirga’s role in deciding cases (The News International 18 Jan 2012)

Profile Documentary Filmmaker Samar Minallah Khan (Newslinemagazine 01 Jan 2012)

Resource Kit on Promoting Culture of Peace through Cultural Heritage  ( Jan 2012)