Print Media 2013

Activists  legal experts lament Pakistani girls still pawns in inter family feuds (UPI 19 Dec 2013)

Childrens Literature Festival Schooling away from schools (Dawn News 01 Nov 2013)

Alternative Media In Pakistan PDF  (SDPI Nov 2013)


Illegal marriages: Second grader pays in swara for family dispute (The Express Tribune 30 Oct 2013)

In village Sarbanda Matta Swat jirga members have been arrested for forcing two minor girls into Swara marriage 29 Oct 2013

11 arrested over swara cases in Swat (Dawn News 26 Oct 2013)

Practice of forcefully marrying of girls surfaces in Pakistan ( 24 Oct 2013)

Fresh cases of Swara surface in Swat valley (The Nation 24 Oct 2013)

Swara An Inhuman Custom of Pakistan ( 23 Oct 2013)

Five girls fall victim to ‘swara’ (Pakistan Times 22 Oct 2013)

Culprits caught: Five-year-old allegedly given in Swara (Pakistan Times 22 Oct 2013)

Swara Girls Punished for Crimes They Did Not Commit ( 16 Sep 2013)

Swara case Arrested jirga members sent on judicial remand (Pakistan Times 16 Sep 2013)

Police foils swara attempt, arrests seven people (The Express Tribune 16 Sep 2013)

Police foils swara attempt, arrests seven people (Pakistan Times 15 Sep 2013)

Oppressive customs: Seven arrested after Swara victim attempts suicide (Pakistan Times 05 Sep 2013)

Pakistan’s child brides suffering for others’ crimes ( 26 Aug 2013)



Malala’s Forgotten Sisters (FP 13 Jul 2013)

Malala Day Paying tribute to teen icon (Pukhtunkhwa Times 13 Jul 2013)

Federal, provincial govts should act against illegal Jirgas SC (The News International 12 Jul 2013)

Inhuman punishments by jirgas are illegal SC (The Nation 12 Jul 2013)

SC calls for vigilance against Jirga system (Dawn News 12 July 2013)

Archaic traditions: Seven suspects arrested in swara case (The Express Tribune 02 Jul 2013)

8 arrested in Swara case in Swat (The News International 27 June 2013)

Under ‘vani’  Minor girl married off to 50-year-old (News Pakistan 16 Jun 2013)

Activists discuss role of women in securing peace in South Asia (JI 12 Jun 2013)

Honour killing Husband guns down wife for filing divorce papers (The Express Tribune 26 May 2013)

Thousands throng Islamabad Literature Festival (The Nation 01 May 2013)

“Cinema for Change” – Addressing Violence Against Women ( 25 Apr 2013)

SAFES Festival of Films 2013

Festival of Cinema for Change – Addressing Violence Against Women 06 Apr 2013

Swara case: Twelve-year-old girl escapes jirga’s decision ( 04 Apr 2013)

Being Malala Yousafzai’s Dad (The Atlantic 21 Mar 2013)

Ancient modern justice runs parallel in Pakistan (The Nation 15 Mar 2013)

In Pakistan, ancient and modern justice collide 14 Mar 2013

Women’s day special: Pakistan 09 Mar 2013

How justice works in Pakistan’s tribal areas and beyond (IRIN Asia News 20 Feb 2013)

Abolishing Sang Chatti Pakistan works to prevent compensation marriage and other forms of violence against women 11 Feb 2013

Withdrawal of Swara case demanded (Pakistan Obeserver 04 Jan 2013)

Samar Minallah Khan

Samar Minallah Khan Program Advisor