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Nine arrested in swara case (Dawn News 05-12-2014)

Swara case Jirga members arrested for forcing child to marry (The Express Tribune 04-12-2014)

Documentary workshop Media students urged to highlight social issues (The Express Tribune 01-12-2014)

Jirga members arrested in vani case (Dawn News 27 Nov 2014)

Saved by the law Police arrest 11 jirga members for declaring two girls vani (The Express Tribune 26 Nov 2014)

A thankless job Domestic helpers denied basic rights (The Express Tribune 06 Nov 2014)

Rape Victim Finds Supporters Abroad, But Not In Pakistan’s Courtrooms (MPN News 06 Nov 2014)

Swara victims recovered, three arrested (Dawn News 11 Oct 2014)

In the nick of time  Girl rescued from being given into swara (The Express Tribune 11Sep 2014)

Another Swara case surfaced in Swat valley 06 Sep 2014



Flesh justice: Police recover two ‘vani’ girls (The Express Tribune 17 Jun 2014)

LHC orders provision of security to girl declared Vani ( 05 Jun 2014)

19 held in ‘swara’ case (The News International 04 June 2014)

Police recover young girls given in swara (Pakistan Times 03 Jun 2014)

14 booked in DI Khan vani case (The News International 14 May 2014)

Several arrested for giving girl in swara (Dawn News 13 May 2014)

Five Jirga members arrested for Vani (The News International 12 May 2014)

Speak up, get shot Killing of rights defender condemned (The Express Tribune 09 May 2014)

Pakistani Girl Forced to Marry as Compensation for Uncle’s Crime (The Wall Street Journal 05 May 2014)

Vani case: Five-year-old forcibly wed to 25-year-old man (The Express Tribune 03 May 2014)

Case filed against 12 people for giving seven-year old as vani (The Express Tribune 28 Apr 2014)

Jirga gives minor girl in vani to settle dispute (Dawn News 28 Apr 2014)

Challenging convention one frame (Dawn News 28 Apr 2014)

Festival of Cinema for Change – Addressing Violence Against Women  (S.A.F.E.S Apr 2014)

The custom of vani Tit-for-tat, the tribal way (The Express Tribune 28 Mar 2014)

The Heinous Practice of Vani in Pakistan ( 25 Mar 2014)

Vani a Disgraceful and Hideous Punishment for Innocent Women ( 24 Mar 2014).

Vani A disgrace for innocent women (Pakistan Observer 11 Mar 2014)

Where girls are given as compensation (The Hindu 09 Mar 2014)

Safeguarding women In focus  Men who challenge swara (The Express Tribune 09 Mar 2014)

Kuch Khaas (The Nation 09 Mar 2014)

Short documentaries lunched at Kuch Khaas (The News International 09 Mar 2014)

Twin cities mark Int’l Women’s Day (Pak Tribune 08 Mar 2014)

Biased unbiased The parallel justice system in rural Pakistan  a close scrutiny (The Express Tribune 26 Feb 2014)

Filmmaker by cause (The News On Sunday 23 Feb 2014)

Swara: The Horrors Of Marrying Off Young Girls In Pakistan To Older Men To Settle Debts And Disputes (International Business Times 20 Feb 2014)

Honour crime 20 arrested for declaring nine-year-old vani (The Express Tribune 13 Feb 2014)

17 booked for giving minor girl in vani (Pakistan Today 12 Feb 2014)  

Swara Swats child brides married off for honour (The Express Tribune 12 Feb 2014)

Bartering Innocence For Honour (News week Pakistan 12 Feb 2014)

Jirga justice Widow gang raped on orders of Muzaffargarh panchayat (The Express Tribune 30 Jan 2014)

Court intervenes Police registers FIR against 59 people for holding jirga (The Express Tribune 26 Jan 2014)

Biased unbiased The parallel justice system in rural Pakistan a close scrutiny  (The Express Tribune 26 Jan 2014)

Lauding the battle hardy women of Pakistan (Pakistan Gender News 24 Jan 2014)

Pashtun Personality of the Week Samar Minallah Khan the Crusader with a Camera (20 Jan 2014)

The Pakistani servant girl tortured to death (BBC 11 Jan 2014)

Samar Minallah Khan – Pashtun Crusader with a Camera