Activists Protest

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Activists Protest Pictures

Speak up, get shot Killing of rights defender condemned (The Express Tribune 09 May 2014)

A brutal and common murder (Dawn News 30 May 2014)

Pakistan PM honour killing of pregnant woman was unacceptable (Dawn News 30 May 2014)

PM orders immediate action in woman murder case (Dawn News 30 May 2014)

Hazara girl`s tortured body found (Dawn 08-11-2014)

Civil society protests against Christian couple’s killing  (The News 08-11-2014)

Pakistani children are victims of their leaders mistakes ( 16 Dec 2014)

Peshawar school attack A tipping point for Pakistan (BBC News 16 Dec 2014)

Peshawar school attack widely condemned (Daily Times 17 Dec 2014)

Outpouring of grief as twin cities react to Peshawar school attack (Dawn News 17 Dec 2014)

Citizens show solidarity with martyrs of Peshawar school attack (The Express Tribune 17 Dec 2014)

Man disrupts vigil for Hazara activist Irfan Khudi Ali  (Dawn News 11 Jan 2015)