Compensation Marriages Media Link 2017

Ghotki Jirga declares  couple ‘Karo-Kari’ (ARY News 12 January 2017)

8-year-old given as sang chatti in Kashmor, Sind (Daily Kawish 31 Jan 2017)

Jirga Orders Handover of Two Girls As Sang Chatti in Jacobabad, Sind ( Daily Kawish 09 Feb 2017)

Sang Chatti case: Two men arrested for attempting to marry off 08-year-old girl (Daily Kawish 21 February 2017)

Sang Chatti case in Dharki, Sind (Daily Kawish 27 Mar 17)

Sang Chatti Case in kot Khan Muhammad sind (Daily Kawish 28 Mar 2017)1

Police Lodges Case Against Six Persons For Demanding ‘Swara’ (TNN 10 Apr 2017)

Seven jirga members arrested in vani case ( The Express Tribune 10 Apr 2017)

Panchayat orders girl to be given in vani (The Express Tribune 19 Apr 2017)

Panchayat members booked for ordering marriage of children under ‘vani’ (Express Tribune 07 May 2017)

Pakistan cracks down on men trading daughters as young as 1 in custom known as vani (USA Today 16 May 2017)

Police Foil Bid To Give 6-Year-Old Girl As Swara In Malakand (TNN 11 July 2017)

9-year-old girl married off to man under ‘Vani’ in Dera Ghazi Khan (The Express Tribune 24 July 2017)

10-year-old given as Vani in Rahimyar Khan, Punjab (Naya Akhbar 25 Jul 2017)

Child marriage case in Umar Kot Sind (Naya Akhbar 26 July 2017)

Jirga members arrested for ordering ‘revenge rape’ in Multan (The Nation 26 July 2017)

Jirga orders handover of  girl as vani in Chichawatni, Punjab (Naya Akhbar 01 August 2017)

Girl forced into marriage to settle dispute in Vehari, Punjab (Naya Akhbar 08 August 2017)

12 Year old girl marry to 47 year old (Naya Akhbar 28 August 2017) 

Five arrested for involvement in child marriage to ‘settle gambling debt’ (Dawn News 22 Sep 2017)

Girl forced to ‘pay’ for brother’s love marriage (The Nation 25 Sep 2017)

8 Year girl vani in Jhang (Daily Express 19 October 2017)

12 Year girl vani in Bhawalpur (Daily Express 19 October 2017)

Teenage girl forced to walk naked in DI Khan village (The Nation 29 Oct 2017)

Badin police foil marriage of minor girl with 40-year-old man (Dawn News 12 Nov 2017)

kamsin Bachi ki Shadi Naya Akhbar 13 Nov 2017

Honourless killing Bodies of couple killed on Jirga’s orders exhumed (Express Tribune 27 Nov 2017)