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Frontier MPAs plan to table anti-Swara bill today (Daily Times 21 Apr 2003)

PESHAWAR: Documentary on ‘Swara’ screened (Dawn News 17 Jul 2003)


Documentary depicts tortuous life of Swara victim (Dawn News 19 Aug 2003)

PAKISTAN Tribal custom forces girls into compensation marriages (IRIN Asia 20 Aug 2003)

Lambs to the Slaughter (Newsline 05 Sep 2003)

Married to Murder (The Friday Times October  3-9,2003)

CINEMA Sharing South Asian angst (The Hindu 26 Oct 2003)

An exciting experience for children (The News International 02 Nov 2003)


PTV Peshawar to telecast Urdu drama serial on Swara (The News International 06 Mar 2004)

A celluloid novelty (The Hindu Business Line 08 Mar 2004)

Honour killing, Swara intolerable: Musharraf (The News International 21 Mar 2004)

NWFP to ban honour killing, Swara and three divorces in one go (The News on Sunday 04 Apr 2004)

Pakistani Girls Forced to Settle Men (Khaleej Times 14 Apr 2004)

Vani a social evil ( 10 Jul 2004)

South Asia’s gadflies (Tehelka – The People’s Paper 14 Aug 2004)

LAHORE: DPO asked to submit report on ‘vani’ (Dawn News 27 Feb 2005)

Heart of the matter (The Friday Times Sep 30-Oct 6, 2005)

15 arrested in vani girls issue (The Post 19 Nov 2005)

Father of vinni girls fears for family’s safety (The Post 22 Nov 2005)

Police not registering case against vinni accused (The Post 24 Nov 2005)

Police register 1st Vani case (Daily Times 24 Nov 2005)

Forced child marriage tests Pakistan law (BBC News 05 Dec 2005)

Another vani case: this time three girls (The Nation 06 Dec 2005)

‘Vani —pris imonment unto death’ (Dawn News 08 Dec 2005)

More girls reject vani in Mianwali (The Nation 09 Dec 2005)

IGPs made responsible to prevent Vani, Swara (Dawn News 17 Dec 2005)

MPs urged to fight evils of Swara, Vani (Dawn News 19 Dec 2005)

Vani case adjourned for Feb 24 (The Nation 22 Dec 2005)

Documentary highlights inhuman Swara custom (Dawn News 28 Dec 2005)

Minor girl saved from clutches of Sawara custom (Dawn News 24 Jan 2006)

What it means to defy vani (Dawn News 28 Jan 2006)

Police told to protect women from vani, sawara (Dawn News 25 Feb 2006)

Petitions against Swara and Vani customs SC directs IGs to stop marriages for compensation (Daily Times 25 Feb 2006)

IGPs directed to submit reports about ‘Vani’, ‘Swara’ Victims (The News International 25 Feb 2006)

Daily Mashriq Peshawar 25 Feb 2006

Bid to hand over girl in swara foiled (Dawn News 05 Mar 2006)

PAKISTAN: Focus on ‘vani’ – the practice of giving away young women to settle feuds (IRIN News 16 Mar 2006)

SC asks police to act against Vani, Sawara (Dawn News 17 Mar 2006)

Daily Khabrain Peshawar 17 Mar 2006

PESHAWAR: DPOs asked to ensure ban on Swara, Vani (Dawn News 21 Mar 2006)

Daily Jihad, Aaj Peshawar & Daily Mashriq Peshawar 07 Apr 2006

Blood feuds and compensation marriages ( 11 Apr 2006)

Samar Minallah says SC to be lauded for drop in Swara, Vani cases (The Statesman Peshawar 13 Apr 2006)

Daily Express,Jinnah,Nawai waqat & Mashriq 13 Apr 2006

Daily Express Peshawar 14 Apr 2006

Daily Express & Daily Khabrain Peshawar 15 Apr 2006

Daily Aosaf islamabad 17 Apr 2006

Swara girl decreed by jirga rejected (Daily Times 17 Apr 2006)

Eradication of Swara termed vital (The Frontier Post 19 Apr 2006)

Uitgehuwelijkt om een vete te beslechten (de Verdieping Trouw 22 Apr 2006)

Daily Express Peshawar 23 Apr 2006

3-year-old girls falls victim to vani (The News International Peshawar 24 Apr 2006)

SC seeks action against men who ordered sawara, vani marriages (Dawn News 25 Apr 2006)

High court fights child marriage tradition ( 25 Apr 2006)

Daily Mashriq Peshawar 25 Apr 2006

Daily Subah Peshwawar 25 Apr 2006

Daily Khabrain Peshawar 27 Apr 2006

Daily Kathara Peshawar 27 Apr 2006

Primitive practices (Dawn News 28 Apr 2006)

Dreadful ordeal of Swara victims (Dawn News 11 May 2006)

Speakers term Swara unjust (The Nation 14 May 2006)

Sheram for joint efforts for eliminating Swara from Pukhtun society (The Statesman 14 May 2006)

Speakers demands ban on Swara Custom in Country (The Frontier Post 14 May 2006)

Workshop calls for curbing Swara (Dawn News 15 May 2006)

Speakers term Swara, Vani un-Islamic inhuman (The Statesman Peshawar 17 May 2006)

Daily Aosaf Islamabad & Daily Nizam Peshawar 17 May 2006

Daily Janbaz,Islam Peshawar Aosaf, &  Nawai waqat Islamabad 17 May 2006

Daily Nawa-i-waqt 26 May 2006

Daily Mashriq Peshawar 13 Jun 2006

A primitive custom  (The review,Dawn, June 15-21, 2006)

Daily Express islamabad 21 Jun 2006

Peshawar High Court declares jirga’s Swara decision illegal (Daily Times 24 June 2006)

Court halts five child marriages (BBC News 28 June 2006)

SC freezes jirga ruling on minor girls’ wedding (Dawn News 29 June 2006)

Girls as Sacrificial Lambs ( 30 Jul 2006)

Daily Express Peshawar 30 Aug 2006

Paying a `blood price’ ( 08 Sep 2006)

Daily Express Peshawar 16 Sep 2006

DEATH PENALTY Swara Killings in Pakistan Continue (IPS News 27 Sep 2006)

Pakistan Death penalty by non state actors – Swara killings continue ( 20 Oct 2006)


PESHAWAR: Research study on Swara launched (Dawn News 12 Nov 2006)

Fanfare as ‘Swara deal’ clinched to settle feud (Dawn News 08 Jan 2007)

Underage marriage SC summons officials (Dawn News 09 Jan 2007)

‘Strict action must to eliminate customs like Swara’ (The Nation 16 Feb 2007)

Women Protection Act no help to Swara victims (Dawn News 16 Feb 2007)

Swara, child marriages still practised in Pakistan (Daily Times 17 Feb 2007)

Incidents of Swara rising after action against CJP (Dawn News 24 May 2007)

Vani/Swara victims in sindh reach Capital for justice (The Nation 24 May 2007)

Jirga’s edict for 3 minor girls custody to save couple from death (The Nation 19 Jul 2007)

Harsher punishment proposed to discourage Vani, Swara (Dawn News 28 Jul 2007)

SC orders arrest of Bijarani, 10 others in ‘Vani’ case (The News International 16 Aug 2007)

We Need More Outrage Against Vani in Pakistan 16 Aug 2007

Frontier police arrest four people in Swara case (Daily Times 29 Aug 2007)

Six taken into custody in Swara case ( 30 Aug 2007)

PESHAWAR: Law not extended to Pata PHC orders release of two accused in Swara case (Dawn News 31 Aug 2007)

Vani Case Bail denied, Bajrani escapes (BBC Urdu 03 Sep 2007)

SC orders strict action against Vani, Swara practices  (The News International 04 Sep 2007)

SC rejects Bijarani’s plea for bail (Dawn News 04 Sep 2007)

A cruel custom (The News International 09 Sep 2007)

Swara documentary shown in vienna.pdf (Oct 2007)

Study Report_Child Marriage in Pakistan.pdf (27 Oct 2007)

The losing end (The News International 20 Nov 2007)

Pakistani fights choice Lose your wife or 3 nieces ( 08 Mar 2008)

Panchayat visits villager’s sins on his niece (Dawn News 04 Apr 2008)

Vani, is it just another court case (Dawn News 07 Apr 2008)

Innocent sisters pay price for father’s debt (Dawn News 03 May 2008)

Police make kidnap a Vani case (Dawn News 07 May 2008)

Under-age girl married off under jirga verdict (Dawn News 01 Jun 2008)

15 young girls traded for a dead dog in Pakistan ( 04 Jun 2008)

Jirga gives minor girl in wedding to settle dispute ( 05 Jun 2008)

Young Pakistani girls traded as settlement in tribal feud (McClatchy Newspapers 08 Jun 2008)

In Pakistan, Child Brides Delivered as Peace Offering ( 09 June 2008)

Daughters bear the cost of Pakistan’s family feuds 10 June 2008

HR activists demand action against ‘jirga’ elders (The News International 10 Jun 2008)

Plagued Mindset screened (The Nation 10 Jun 2008)

Swat court orders arrest of five accused in swara cases (Daily Times 22 June 2008)

Peshawar surpasses other districts, says report (The News International 12 Jul 2008)

Minor girl saved from being ‘Vani’ (Dawn News 30 Jul 2008)

Enforcement of anti-Swara laws in FATA, PATA demanded ( 05 Oct 2008)

Police’s timely action saves vani girl (Dawn News 14 Oct 2008)

‘Anti-women’ cabinet riles Pakistan activists (The 12 Nov 2008)

New Pakistan ministers hold violent, anti-women sentiments ( 12 Nov 2008)

Three women refuse to accept jirga verdict (Dawn News 19 Nov 2008)

Iftikhar defends judicial activism (Dawn News 26 Nov 2008)

Women call for abolition of Jirga system (PPF 26 Nov 2008)

Family in trouble as girls defy jirga verdict (Dawn News 29 Nov 2008)

Vani case: lacunae hit law (PPF 19 Dec 2008)

Four more arrests in vani case (Dawn News 22 Dec 2008)

We hope again Mukhtar Mai, Kristof and activists (The Friday Times, 6 – 12 Mar 2009)


We hope again Mukhtar Mai, Kristof and activists ( 08 Mar 2009)

Sang Chatti: when women lose all ( 08 Mar 2009)

National Commission on the Status of Women 18-19 Aug 2009

Does Pakistan Have No Shame (The Daily Beast 02 Nov 2009)

Virtual Slavery The Practice of “Compensation Marriages” (UNFPA 07 Dec 2009)

What We Do

Cleric among 10 held in vani case (The News International 04 Jan 2010)

Pakistani court sends six to jail for practising Swara (The Hindu 10 Mar 2010)

Kuch Khass (The Friday Times April 30-May 6,2010)

Six-month-old girl married off in Swara incident ( 31 May 2010)

8 yr old girl given as vani twice, husband raped her ( 29 Jul 2010)


Swara case Three jirga members arrested (Dawn News 29 Dec 2010)

Minor girl given in vani to settle dispute ( 15 Jan 2011)

Legal experts for separate laws against swara, vani (Daily Times 17 Jan 2011)

Even if I’m unable to make a living I will not let my wife work (The Express Tribune 07 Mar 2011)

Jirga members released on bail in swara case (Dawn News 08 Mar 2011)

Six arrested, minor girls recovered in vani case (Dawn News 08 Apr 2011)

Children face uncertain future, says report (Dawn News 28 Apr 2011)

SC verdict on Mukhtaran Mai case (Daily Times 29 Apr 2011)

Jirga barters off 12 girls to resolve murder case (The Express Tribune 07 May 2011)

Pannu Aqil jirga : Inquiry confirms that group was ordered to barter 12 girls (The Express Tribune 13 May 2011)

SC orders Sukkur DPO to arrest jirga members (Pakistan Today 28 May 2011)

Arrest all Jirga members, SC orders (The News International 28 May 2011)

DPO asked to arrest jirga members (The Nation 28 May 2011)

CJ calls for change in law to stop Vani (Dawn News 04 Jun 2011)

Kallur kot Minor girl made Vani (Dunya News 12 Jun 2011)

Daily Aaj Kal Lahore 30 Sep 2011

Child marriage 12-year-old girl given in wani to 85-year-old (The Express Tribune 01 Oct 2011)

Wani tradition 5-year-old given in ‘marriage’ to 40-year-old (The Express Tribune 07 Oct 2011)

Wani tradition 3 arrested for marrying infant to 24-year-old (The Express Tribune 11 Oct 2011)

Vani: Pain of child marriage in our society (News Pakistan 26 Oct 2011)

Passage of Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Bill hailed (Pakistan Today 17 Nov 2011)

Child Marriage 4 arrested for marrying off minor (The Express Tribune 27 Nov 2011)

Jirga justice Mother killed for opposing vani (The Express Tribune 12 Dec 2011)

Daily Aosaf Lahore 12 Dec 2011

Justice systems 6 arrested for vani marriage (The Express Tribune 15 Dec 2011)

Rise and Fall of Pakistani Cinema 19 Dec 2011

Panchayat trumps police Copping out on child marriage (The Express Tribune 25 Dec 2011)

Enforcement of law protecting women rights sought (Dawn News 29 Dec 2011)

5 Culprits Arrested In ‘Swara’ Case (Khyber News 29 Dec 2011)

Court seeks more evidence in swara case (Dawn News 30 Dec 2011)

Civil society demands end to jirga’s role in deciding cases (The News International 18 Jan 2012)

Jirga settles murder dispute ( 17 Feb 2012)

After losing father and brother, four-year-old Asma becomes target (The News International 02 Mar 2012)

Documentaries make social change happen (Dawn News 03 Mar 2012)

Underage marriage Fathers of ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ arrested from ceremony (The Express Tribune 07 Mar 2012)

Panchayat declares two minors ‘wani’ in Punjab (The Express Tribune 14 Mar 2012)

Exchanging brides Ill-fated sisters aged two and nine declared wani (The Express Tribune 15 Mar 2012)

Two girls saved from Vani (Dawn News 16 Mar 2012)

Fighting for women’s rights: Supreme Court urged to declare jirga systems illegal (The Express Tribune 17 Mar 2012)

Ready to document 18 Mar 2012

Court wants govt to enact special law on swara (Dawn News 19 Mar 2012)

Illegal custom Defying jirga, man refuses to give daughter as vani (The Express Tribune 20 Mar 2012)

PHC directs govt to enact strict laws to end Swara (The News International 20 Mar 2012)

Superior courts focus on helping swara, vani victims (Dawn News 25 Mar 2012)

Tribal decisions SC declares jirgas unconstitutional (The Express Tribune 27 Mar 2012)

Bartering women: Apex court declares ‘jirgas’ unconstitutional (The Express Tribune 28 Mar 2012)

Police ordered to stop vani swara cases (The Nation 28 Mar 2012)

‘Jirgas’ unconstitutional, says Pakistan Supreme Court (Andhra 28 Mar 2012)

Government officials asked to take action against crimes committed through jirgas (Business Recorder 28 Mar 2012)

CJP reminds police they aren’t living in Stone Age (The News International 28 Mar 2012)

Jirga illegal, SC seeks details from center, provinces (Dateline Islamabad 28 Mar 2012)

Five indicted in Dir swara case (Dawn News 05 May 2012)

SC orders Punjab IG to investigate case of Wani victim (The News International 08 May 2012)

SC orders Punjab IGP to investigate vani case in Bhakkar (Pakistan Today 08 May 2012)

Two people’s legs broken for refusing to honour vani decree (The Express Tribune 02 Jun 2012)

Pakistani Films for Social Change  a conversation with Pakistani filmmaker and human rights activist Samar Minallah 06 Jun 2012

Culturally-Based Approaches to Peacebuilding in Pakistan 12 June 2012

Tribal elders, scholars, activists declare Swara un-Islamic ( 14 Jun 2012)

Banned custom: Seven held for declaring underage girl vani (The Express Tribune 16 Jun 2012)

Jirga (in)justice: Protection ordered for child ‘declared vani’ (The Express Tribune 29 June 2012)

PAKISTAN Enslaved by tradition.(IRIN 05 Jul 2012)

Jirga (in)justice Eleven jailed for vani marriage (The Express Tribune 18 July 2012)

Uprooting culturally sanctioned forms of violence Samar Minallah sees hope (The News International 09 Aug 2012)

Jirga’s verdict Another teenage girl may fall victim to swara (The Express Tribune 08 Sep 2012)

Swara case Police directed to take action against jirga members (Pakistan News Today 09 Sep 2012)

Rights activists urge KP govt to interfere in Swat swara case (The News International 10 Sep 2012)

Say ‘no’ to uncivilised practices (The Express Tribune 10 Sep 2012)

Swara case Ten jirga members arrested (Pakistan News Today 10 Sep 2012)

Swara Case in Swat Puts Girl’s Life at Stake ( 11 Sep 2012)

Swara case Four-member inquiry committee formed (Pakistan News Today 12 Sep 2012)

The curse of swara (The Express Tribune 18 Sep 2012)

Swara case: 10 jirga members granted bail (The Express Tribune 23 Sep 2012)

Cleric among six held in Mansehra vani case (Dawn News 04 Oct 2012)

Outdated custom One abducted, eight held in separate vani cases (The Express Tribune 05 Oct 2012)

Retaliation of killing: 13 girls declared Vani in Balochistan ( 08 Oct2012)

Jirga declares 13 girls vani in Dera Bugti (The Express Tribune 08 Oct 2012)

Dera Bugti jirga: 13 girls bartered to settle tribal feud (The Express Tribune 09 Oct 2012)

SC takes suo motu notice of Dera Bugti Wani incident (Lahore Times 09 Oct 2012)

Tribal feud: SC takes notice of Vani incident (The Express Tribune 10 Oct 2012)

Supreme Court takes suo motu notice of Dera Bugti incident (News Pakistan 09 Oct 2012)

Vani case SC orders jirga elders, girls to be produced on November 19 (The express Tribune 11 Oct 2012)

SC rejects govt plea to quash ‘Vani’ case (The News International 12 Oct 2012)

Child brides blot tribal Pakistan ( 24 Oct 2012)

Swat Jirga Forces Family To Marry Off 6-Year-Old Girl To Settle Feud ( 07 Nov 2012)

Another swara case Two arrested for ordering six year old girls marriage (The Express Tribune 08 Nov 2012)

Last-Minute Reprieve For Pakistani Child Bride ( 09 Nov 2012)

In Pakistan, More Arrests In Marriage Case Involving 6-Year-Old Girl ( 09 Nov 2012)

Daily Express 11 November 2012

Two jirgas decide fate of four girls (Dawn News 27 Nov 2012)

Stop giving girls in marriage to settle rows Pakistani daily ( 29 Nov 2012)

Swara case Police arrest jirga members for child marriage (The Express Tribune 15 Dec 2012)

SAARC workshop Spreading social awareness through documentaries (The Express Tribune 18 Dec 2012)

Vani case,Police foiled an attempt to act upon punchayat orders (South Punjab News 22 Dec 2012)

Withdrawal of Swara case demanded (Pakistan Obeserver 04 Jan 2013)

Abolishing Sang Chatti Pakistan works to prevent compensation marriage and other forms of violence against women 11 Feb 2013

How justice works in Pakistan’s tribal areas and beyond (IRIN Asia News 20 Feb 2013)

Women’s day special: Pakistan 09 Mar 2013

In Pakistan, ancient and modern justice collide 14 Mar 2013

Ancient modern justice runs parallel in Pakistan (The Nation 15 Mar 2013)

Swara case: Twelve-year-old girl escapes jirga’s decision ( 04 Apr 2013)

Festival of Cinema for Change – Addressing Violence Against Women 06 Apr 2013

SAFES Festival of Films 2013

“Cinema for Change” – Addressing Violence Against Women ( 25 Apr 2013)

Under ‘vani’  Minor girl married off to 50-year-old (News Pakistan 16 Jun 2013)

8 arrested in Swara case in Swat (The News International 27 June 2013)

Archaic traditions: Seven suspects arrested in swara case (The Express Tribune 02 Jul 2013)

SC calls for vigilance against Jirga system (Dawn News 12 July 2013)

Inhuman punishments by jirgas are illegal SC (The Nation 12 Jul 2013)

Federal, provincial govts should act against illegal Jirgas SC (The News International 12 Jul 2013)

Underage Marriage in Pakistan 22 jul 2013


Pakistan’s child brides suffering for others’ crimes ( 26 Aug 2013)

Oppressive customs: Seven arrested after Swara victim attempts suicide (Pakistan Times 05 Sep 2013)

Police foils swara attempt, arrests seven people (Pakistan Times 15 Sep 2013)

Swara case Arrested jirga members sent on judicial remand (Pakistan Times 16 Sep 2013)

Swara Girls Punished for Crimes They Did Not Commit ( 16 Sep 2013)

Culprits caught: Five-year-old allegedly given in Swara (Pakistan Times 22 Oct 2013)

Five girls fall victim to ‘swara’ (Pakistan Times 22 Oct 2013)

Swara An Inhuman Custom of Pakistan ( 23 Oct 2013)

Fresh cases of Swara surface in Swat valley (The Nation 24 Oct 2013)

Practice of forcefully marrying of girls surfaces in Pakistan ( 24 Oct 2013)

11 arrested over swara cases in Swat (Dawn News 26 Oct 2013)

In village Sarbanda Matta Swat jirga members have been arrested for forcing two minor girls into Swara marriage 29 Oct 2013

Illegal marriages: Second grader pays in swara for family dispute (The Express Tribune 30 Oct 2013)

Police foils swara attempt, arrests seven people (The Express Tribune 16 Sep 2013)

Activists  legal experts lament Pakistani girls still pawns in inter family feuds (UPI 19 Dec 2013)

Jirga with Samar Minallah

Samar Minallah Khan – Pashtun Crusader with a Camera

Court intervenes Police registers FIR against 59 people for holding jirga (The Express Tribune 26 Jan 2014)

Six accused in Swara case sent to prison (Business Recorder 30 Jan 2014)

Swara Swats child brides married off for honour (The Express Tribune 12 Feb 2014)

17 booked for giving minor girl in vani (Pakistan Today 12 Feb 2014)  

Honour crime 20 arrested for declaring nine-year-old vani (The Express Tribune 13 Feb 2014)

Swara: The Horrors Of Marrying Off Young Girls In Pakistan To Older Men To Settle Debts And Disputes (International Business Times 20 Feb 2014)

Filmmaker by cause (The News On Sunday 23 Feb 2014)

Biased unbiased The parallel justice system in rural Pakistan  a close scrutiny (The Express Tribune 26 Feb 2014)

Twin cities mark Int’l Women’s Day (Pak Tribune 08 Mar 2014)

Short documentaries lunched at Kuch Khaas (The News International 09 Mar 2014)

Kuch Khaas (The Nation 09 Mar 2014)

Safeguarding women In focus  Men who challenge swara (The Express Tribune 09 Mar 2014)

Where girls are given as compensation (The Hindu 09 Mar 2014)

Vani A disgrace for innocent women (Pakistan Observer 11 Mar 2014)

Vani a Disgraceful and Hideous Punishment for Innocent Women ( 24 Mar 2014).

The Heinous Practice of Vani in Pakistan ( 25 Mar 2014)

The custom of vani Tit-for-tat, the tribal way (The Express Tribune 28 Mar 2014)