Poles Apart ( Forced Marriages)

Poles Apart—Chains do not keep marriages together

Europe is home to immigrants from different parts of Pakistan. A large number of people have emigrated from the province of Punjab in search of better prospects of life.

At times people try to get out of poverty by arranging a marriage with a person living in the West for the sake of pulling the entire family out of poverty.

Supported by Sungi Development Foundation, ‘Poles Apart’ brings forward voices of survivors of forced marriages, religious scholar, legal expert and community members on an issue that has rarely been addressed.

The 30 minute short film highlights different aspects of forced marriages among the Diaspora community.

Shot in Oslo, Jhelam, Gujrat and Lalamusa, the documentary also brings forth voices of people who are bringing about change from within their communities.

‘Poles Apart’ has been dubbed in Norwegian, Urdu and English. It is being disseminated in Pakistan, UK and Norway for advocacy and awareness raising.