In order to reach out to the audience that does not have access to the electronic media, radio programs have been developed with the support of Peshawar University’s Journalism Department and other private radio channels. The programs are interactive and has academicians, tribal leaders, cultural experts and religious scholars on board too.

1 Taunt Programe 06

2 Swara Programe 11

3 Revenge (Intiqam) Programe 08

4 Pakhtoon Wali & Democracy Programe

5 Pakhtoon Khawateen Aur Siyasi Amal Programe

6 Mixture Of all Previous Programe Programe

7 Jargah Programe

8 Introductory Programe

9 Guilt Programe

10 Ghairat K Naam Katal Programe

11 Da Sir Paisy Programe

12 BBC Recording Tradition

13 BBC Recording Sultanwala

14 BBC Recording Marmandi

15 Women Rights in Islam & Cultural Hardles Programe 05