Panel Discussions on Compensation Marriages and its implications on Electronic Media

Since 2003, Samar Minallah has been reaching out to the audiences through various mediums of communication. Her documentary has been shown on various private channels and State owned channels. The documentary is used as a tool to generate discussion among panelists representing government, tribal leaders, religious leaders, activists and many more.

The online versions of all the television programs continue to spread awareness and generate dialogue.

Production of Television Programs on Women’s Rights and Compensation Marriages

The first program to be aired on the rights of Pushtun women on a local television channel was called ‘Mairman’ (Woman). Produced and hosted by Samar, it highlighted issues that were difficult and challenging. Honor Killings, Son Preference, Sar Paisa (Bride Price), Swara (giving of minor girls as compensation) , Child Labor, depriving women of their share of inheritance etc were presented for the first time.

Samar was the first morning show host for a Pushtu Channel. Live callers from tribal areas and settled areas would call in to give their point of view on social issues concerning their communities.